Why should you attend?

- Gain an in-depth overview of the business and the issues each department face

- Promote greater harmony between colleagues

- Form closer working relationships with all departments for increased efficiencies, best practice and a more integrated workplace

- Identify retail strategies to improve business and boost the bottomline

- Acquire new skills, listen to new ideas and earmark best practice

- Discover how you can increase profitability in key business areas

- Learn ways to tackle the pressing issues

- Find out about current and future trends and how to maximise their potential

- Understand the latest in consumer buying behaviours and attitudes

- Gain insight to help develop more meaningful customer relationships

- Gather latest regulation information

- Benefit from networking opportunities

- Meet top industry suppliers and learn about their latest products and services in an informal and informative environment

- Remember if you learn just one new piece of information of apply just one tip, it can make the biggest difference to your business and your individual performance


Expand your understanding of:-

New cars - Take a closer look at the latest fortunes of the new car arena and how to corner as much of the new demand as possible

Used cars – Ensure your used car retail business operates at its optimum especially when good quality stock continues to pose a challenge

Digital – Discover the latest advances, advice and approaches in the ever-evolving digital landscape so your business stays one step ahead of the competition

Aftersales – Learn the latest developments, explore new initiatives and draw on expert opinion to identify the route to running a highly successful aftersales function

Finance – Delve into the new regulations and determine ways to deliver the highest returns in an increasingly competitive market

Insurance – Find forward-thinking and attractive solutions to future-proof this revenue stream and encourage consumers to purchase such products from the franchised network